Colin - Studio Owner


I am the owner of Acreedo Tattoos & Body  Piercings. I opened Acreedos in 2008 after working in Thailand for several years and have since expanded into a larger building with five immaculate studios .    Since then Acreedos has gone from strength to strength and I am so thankful to our loyal and simply amazing customers and friends for making my ambitions become reality.

I have always had a love of art and am particularly interested in japanese art and culture.  

Please have a look through my portfolio and if you'd like a tattoo by me call 01235 550333.

Jamie - Studio Manager

Hi, I'm princess Jamie.   Superhero in my spare time, Running Acreedos the rest of the time AKA Acreedo Wench.  


 If i mess up I have to have a piercing so I'm pretty bloody good at my job :)


Get at me for any enquiries - Tattoos, Piercings, Laser or just a cup of tea?  Im your man



Alex - - Resident Tattoo Artist


I  am a tattoo artist with years of experience, and have worked in many countries around europe. 


I have a passion for art and  I am happy to design custom tattoos for my customers, making each piece individual for them.


I specialise in Realistic tattoos. 


Please have a look through my portfolio and contact Acreedos if you would like some work done by me! 





Carly - - Resident Tattoo Artist

Hi, I'm Carly.  I am the Junior Tattooist in Acreedos.  


I'm a friendly and approachable person and am happy to help you out when you come in the studio.  


I love tattoos, piercings and art and I am keen to share my passion with others.

I specialise in neo-traditional work aswell as geometric work and mandalas.

Lucas - Resident Tattoo Artist

Hey, I'm Lucas

I am an all round tattoo artist from Poland.

I have travelled the world doing tattoos and am now a resident artist here at Acreedos.

Please look at my album for more details



Pat - Resident Tattoo Artist

I am a tattoo artist specialising in feminine tattoos but am happy to work in all styles. 

My portfolio shows my love for delicate and intricate tattoos.

I love floral work, linework and mandalas.

Please have a look through my album and feel free to pop in for a consultation



Mike - Apprentice Tattoo Artist

Hey, I'm Mike.   I'm learning the ins and outs of the trade.


I have passion for art and tattoos and am working hard to get to where

I want to be.

I'm more than happy to help with ideas, designs etc or if you are waiting for a bus and want to just come for a natter then get at me :)


Bella - Body Piercer

Hi, I'm Bella.  I have worked for Acreedo Tattoos since they were established in 2008.  I love working here as it is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  

I love meeting new people and will go far out of my way to ensure customers and colleagues enjoy their time here.

I help with  serving customers and managing the business


Lewi - Body Piercer

Hey, I'm Lewi. I like to think I'm cool but I'm really not :D

I am a Body Piercer and offer all piercings and dermal anchors.

I'm not your stereotypical piercer and like to offer my customers my time, patience and advise.

I'm available Tues-Sat 10-6 for piercings, advise, jewellery changes etc